Celebrate World Book Day and join the worldwide celebration of books and reading.

Designated by UNESCO, World Book Day is observed in over 100 countries around the globe with the aims of promoting reading for pleasure and encouraging children and young people to engage with books. This year, in the United Kingdom World Book Day takes place on Thursday 2nd, March.

Why Reading for Pleasure is Important

Several studies have highlighted the benefits of reading for pleasure for children and adults alike, including:
  • Improving vocabulary and language skills
  •  Enhancing imagination and creativity
  • Provide an opportunity to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.
  • Helps foster empathy and understanding of the worlds around them.
Additionally, reading for pleasure has been linked to higher academic achievement and improved social skills.

Get Involved in celebrating World Book Day

There are many great ways you can get involved in the celebrations of World Book Day. Every year, World Book Day promote activities in schools, libraries, homes, and various events to help encourage literacy. In addition to these activities, you can also celebrate this special day by:
  • Sharing a children’s book recommendation or donating a book to a child you know.
  • Donating to literacy charities and good causes combatting low literacy levels in the UK.
  • Paying to visit to your local library as there is no better way to explore the abundance of children’s literature.
  • Sharing a story with a child; whether you’re telling a personal story or reading a book aloud, reading with someone else is known to reinforce bonds and strengthen relationships particularly in caregivers and children.
  • Volunteering at a school or library – use World Book Day as a driver to connect your community.

Happy World Book Day in Advance!

World Book Day is an annual event celebrated on April 23rd, to promote reading and to celebrate the joy of books. It was designated by UNESCO as WBD and Copyright Day in 1995, to honor the death anniveWorld Book Day 2023rsary of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. This day is celebrated globally, and its aim is to encourage people of all ages, particularly children, to pick up a book and read. WBD is also an opportunity for publishers, authors, and booksellers to promote and sell books. In some countries, it is customary to give gifts of books or to organize special events, such as book signings, readings, and literary quizzes.


There are many events and activities that are organized to celebrate WBD. Some of these events include:

Book giveaways: Many bookstores, libraries, and publishers give away free books or offer special discounts on books to encourage people to read.

Author events: WBD is a great opportunity for authors to engage with their fans. Book signings, readings, and Q&A sessions are popular events on this day.

School events: Schools often organize special events to mark WBD, including book fairs, storytelling sessions, and book-themed activities.

Book clubs: Book clubs and reading groups may organize special events, such as book swaps or discussions, to celebrate WBD.

Book-themed parties: Some people organize book-themed parties to celebrate World Book Day, with games, food, and activities inspired by their favorite books.

Literary quizzes: Literary quizzes and trivia competitions are popular events on World Book Day, testing people’s knowledge of books, authors, and literary trivia.

These are just a few examples of the many events that can be organized to celebrate WBD. The goal is to promote the joy of reading and to encourage people of all ages to pick up a book and enjoy the magic of storytelling.

WBD in the United Kingdom is an annual event celebrated on the first Thursday in March, and it is a day to celebrate books and reading. This event is specifically focused on children, and its aim is to encourage children to explore the joys of reading and to celebrate their favorite books and authors.

On WBD in the UK, children receive a special £1 book token, which they can exchange for one of the exclusive WBD books or use to get £1 off any other book of their choice. Schools and libraries also organize events and activities to celebrate the day, such as book fairs, storytelling sessions, and book-themed games and crafts.

Many well-known authors and illustrators visit schools on WBD to give talks, meet with children, and sign books. This is a great opportunity for children to meet their favorite authors and to discover new books and stories that they might enjoy.

Overall, World Book Day in the UK is an important event that helps to promote the joys of reading and to encourage children to explore the world of books and stories.