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In early 2022, a group of UK business people started a journey to explore ways they could use their skills, to help address illiteracy and low level literacy in the UK. The convenor, Samantha Sida, Co Founder of media company Limited-Space saw the strong benefit of business, digital media and the education sector working in collaboration in order to make a real difference.

The taskforce members saw it vitally importance in the early intervention model with children and young people who struggle to read and write before they enter the workforce.

After research and collection of data, they decided to focus on 2 area’s in East London with some of the highest rates of low level literacy in the UK.

In partnership with UK literacy charity, UK Reads, the UK Literacy Taskforce launched on September 26 2023. They are working along a number of local partners in East London and other literacy specialist like the World Literacy Foundation

The UK Task Force is part of the founding Task Force targeting 50 cities world-wide in synergy with the United Nations 2030 Sustainability goals.

For further information please email Samantha Sida samantha.sida@limited-space.com

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