UK Reads Ambassador

As an Electronics and Electrical Engineering student, I believe in power. Knowledge acquisition is a great tool to obtain power in this our current world. For the past few years, I have been a changemaker for Eduspots whose main aim is to eradicate illiteracy in Africa.

This was an opportunity I had during my stay at African Science Academy. Following this aim, most of our projects are geared towards bridging the gap in education by setting up libraries and literacy clubs in communities.

The joy on the faces of my people when I started an educational project in my town was at the max. That was then my 4-year-old niece read her first book, Handa’s Surprise. It was fulfilling seeing the excitement on the faces of these children as they start their journey to success.

I couldn’t leave this work hanging just because I am in the UK now, but thanks to the World Literacy Foundation for giving me this opportunity not to only reconnect with this course but also extend it to Edinburgh community through UK Reads.