UK Reads Ambassador

I am a WLF ambassador because literacy is the gateway for a beautiful society and planet: the power of literacy should be accessible to everyone. It is a basic human right: failing to provide someone access to literacy denies them this human right and their opportunity to thrive at life and achieve their full happiness.

A few lines are insufficient to describe the possibilities of the future that can be achieved when all voices and ideas are heard with the power of literacy; solutions to planetary issues, humanitarian issues, and the world that is meant to be, are possible as we work together.

As a WLF ambassador, I am so happy for the opportunity to catalyse this goal, starting from providing education and resources to those from more disadvantaged areas, with WLF, and developing the skills needed to progress as a literacy ambassador in the future.

With knowledge, we can strive towards a better future. “All Power to the People” (words of the Black Panther Party). Together, we can work towards a healing, better society, and planet.