Fundraise and change a child’s life

Thank you for your interest to fundraise for the UK Reads

We are here to guide you every step of the way with ideas, advice and resources to help you have the best possible fundraiser. A good place to begin is reading through our fundraising guidelines. There’s lots of helpful information there.

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How would you like to raise funds?

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Host a fundraising event

Organize an event or activity at school, at work, or with friends to raise funds and make a difference in children’s education around the world.

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facebook fundraiser

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Create a non-profit fundraiser on Facebook to raise money and awareness for the World Literacy Foundation in 8 simple steps.

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donation in memory of someone

Raise funds in memory of a loved one

We can create a page in honor of your loved one to accept donations in their name. This is a lasting way of supporting the World Literacy Foundation.
donation in honor of someone

Raise funds to celebrate a special occasion

Create a fundraiser on Facebook. Choose us as your birthday charity and ask your friends to donate or pick any day of the year!

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