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All Administration costs are covered by corporate and philanthropic funding and you can rest assured your donation will lead to getting as many books as possible into the hands of children across the UK.

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A childhood without reading is reality for too many children in the UK.

Babies, toddlers, children and young adults are losing out on the most formative years of their life because they haven’t got access to books or the help they need to learn to read and so importantly, feel confident reading.

Will you join us and help transform the lives of children and young people struggling to read and write?

GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and organizations to raise money for various causes and needs. Here are some reasons why GoFundMe is important:

Access to funding: GoFundMe allows people to access funding for a wide range of causes, including medical expenses, education, disaster relief, and more. It provides an opportunity for individuals to raise money quickly and easily for important causes, without having to rely on traditional fundraising methods.

Personalization: The platform allows fundraisers to personalize their campaigns with photos, videos, and personal stories. This helps to create a connection with potential donors and makes the fundraising effort more personal and impactful.

Community building: GoFundMe allows people to come together and support a common cause. It provides a space for people to share their experiences and connect with others who may be going through similar situations.

Global reach: GoFundMe is a global platform, which means fundraisers have the potential to reach a large audience of donors from all over the world. This allows people to support causes that they may not have been aware of otherwise.

Easy to use: GoFundMe is user-friendly and easy to use. Fundraisers can set up a campaign quickly and easily, and donors can make donations with just a few clicks.

Overall, GoFundMe is important because it provides a platform for individuals and organizations to access funding, personalize their campaigns, build community, reach a global audience, and do so easily and quickly. UK Reads

Over 8,000 young entrepreneurs have benefited from Indiegogo’s crowdfunding site, which receives over 10 million visitors each month and has helped them launch successful businesses. On Indiegogo, there are two types of crowdsourcing: Flexible Funding and Fixed Funding. With the former, you can retain every dollar you raise even if your campaign doesn’t meet its goal. The latter condition demands that you meet the campaign goal; otherwise, all of the money is returned to the funders. Except for cause-based initiatives, all funds raised are subject to a 5% fee. The cost for processing payments ranges from 2.9 to 4.4%.

A crowdfunding website called FundRazr was introduced in 2009. Among all platforms, it has the highest success rate, according to Alternative Finances Online. In addition, FundRazr has some excellent social media integration capabilities that can assist users make their initiatives more visible. There are flexible funding choices available, allowing you to select between a keep-it-all and an all-or-nothing strategy.

A strong platform called Fundable makes it possible for businesses and startups to raise money from the general population. Although the site advises the former for a funding goal between $1,000 and $50,000 and the latter for a funding goal higher than $50,000, you can choose to run a reward- or equity-based crowdfunding campaign. 3.5% of the pledge amount is added on top of a monthly fee of $179 and a processing fee of $0.30.

The first equity-based website in the world is called Crowdcube, and it is situated in the UK. Any kind of business endeavour can be financed using it. Investors can browse the projects on the website, choose the ones they are interested in, and then invest by purchasing the stock of the company. Businesses can contact with potential investors all across the world in this way. You only need to post a pitch video and describe your project to create a listing on Crowdcube, which is free to use. A processing fee of $0.75 to $1.25% is added to the 7% fee on monies raised.

With 383,218 successfully finished campaigns over a 7-year span (from 2014 to 2021) on the top crowdfunding platform for artists, Kickstarter. Additionally, it has the most backers, making it a very intriguing option for anyone looking to acquire investors for their project. Films, video games, and music are just a few of the creative and ambitious endeavours it is home to, along with art, design, and technology. Backers receive anything the brand produces in return for their support. Due of this, creatives and prospective eCommerce entrepreneurs may consider using Kickstarter. The ‘all-or-nothing’ paradigm is the foundation of this platform, thus you only get funding if you meet your objective. If you choose not to, there are no fees from Kickstarter.

An equity-based crowdfunding platform called Syndicate Room was established in 2013. Their goal is to raise money from venture capitalists and angel investors to support early-stage start-ups.By listing qualified enterprises and enlisting additional investors, they perform the role of venture capitalists themselves. With more than 1000 investors, Syndicate Room has a Portfolio of more than 220 firms.

As a platform for cause-based crowdfunding, JustGiving has a long history. Since 2001, they have assisted individuals in raising funds for local community wellness, worldwide relief, and education. The only fees associated with donations are a 1.9% transaction fee, a £20 processing fee, and a 5% Gift Aid processing fee. There are no platform fees. You can keep the funds raised even if your campaign falls short of its goal.

BankToTheFuture is a reward and equity-based crowdfunding platform which is suitable for businesses and entrepreneurs who need funding for their new ideas. It has an interesting feature on its site that allows you to see who has viewed your project. If you don’t reach your campaign target, the company provides a flexible funding offer, so that you can still use the money you raised in the best way. There is a 5% commission on money raised.

A prominent equity-based crowdfunding site called Seedrs enables investors to actively contribute to the success of the start-ups they are interested in. When it comes to the amount of capital it was able to raise, it is the best crowdfunding platform. There are different financing tiers on Seedrs, thus there is a transaction charge of 6% for the first £150,000 raised, 4% for the next £300,000, and 2% for any contributions over £500,000.