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The power of one book

Nourishing a child’s mind in the first 10 years of life is as essential as feeding their body. New scientific research confirms that what happens to children’s brains in their earliest years shapes the adults they become, the success they achieve, and the contributions they make to our economy and society. Unfortunately, too many of our kids today are not getting the nourishment they need.

At UK Reads we want every child to have at least one book, so that they can begin to find the joy of reading.

Why books?

In our digital world it is easy to forget the joy of a good old-fashioned book. Curling up in front of a fire, trying not to peek at the last page or counting down the chapters to see when you get to find out what happens in the story. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a book from cover to cover and place it on a shelf like a trophy. At UK Reads we want children to know the pure joy of escaping into stories, learning new things and completing a book.


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